We've written 40 articles about workplace philosophy

What We Look Like at Work

On my first day at Percolate, I stumbled upon a digital treasure trove inside our company Dropbox.  Read More

The 6 Meeting Rules of Percolate

On Sunday morning I ran across this New Yorker article about banning computers in college classes and posted it with a note about how we don’t allow computers in meetings at Percolate. Read More

Friday Wins: Where Business and Product Come Together

At Percolate, we really try to avoid having too many meetings. We actually give new hires a set of guidelines, and the first is: “Do we actually need to have a meeting?” Staff time is a precious thing. Read More

Onboarding at Percolate

A great way to see how much a company values culture is through the way it onboards new employees. Read More

Building Communities

In my time I’d say I’ve built two communities: One at my blog, NoahBrier.com, and the other being likemind, a global coffee meetup I co-founded in 2006. Read More

Tools > Process

A few weeks ago I read a post from Rafe Colburn about dysfunctional engineering teams. Read More

The Product Team: A Salesperson’s Best Friend

There are two clearly defined sides to Percolate –  business and product. The business team includes positions like Sales, Account Management and Brand Strategy. Read More

So It Begins

This is a selfish post. It’s written so that I can articulate a path to a choice and the best way I know how to articulate it is to write it out publicly. Read More

Our Commitment to Culture and Clients

As part of building a strong and transparent culture, one thing we like to do a lot is take questions from everyone at the company. Read More

Learning a New Language and the Vine to Prove It

Have you ever tried to learn a new skill that you know to be valuable, but you can’t find the motivation to follow through? Read More

Driving Efficiencies by Thinking in Products

I began working at Percolate in October after having spent the beginning of my career working for a Fortune 500 company in Columbia, SC. Read More

Building a startup: A view from the other side

I have always been fascinated by why some startups succeed and others fail. Read More