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Four Steps to a 360-Degree Content Marketing Strategy

The true challenge of modern marketing, as we’ve stated before: there’s more and more marketing content to produce, but little in the way of budget growth. Read More

Why Project Management Needs a Marketing Vocabulary

“We shape our tools and thereafter they shape us.” – John M. Culkin I love that quote. Read More

The True Challenge of Modern Marketing in One Chart

No matter what marketing function you perform — content marketing, social media marketing, digital marketing more broadly, traditional advertising — and no matter how large your organization, the chart below sums up a core truth of modern marketing. Read More

Unplanned Marketing

Alexa, who ran the first TV ad in the US? Wikipedia ended up answering this, unfortunately, not Alexa (yet): The first television ad was broadcast in the United States on July 1, 1941 over New York station WNBT before a baseball game between the Brooklyn Dodgers and Philadelphia Phillies. Read More

APIs and the Promise of ‘Everyware’

“Software is eating the world” — Marc Andreessen, Venture Capitalist This summer will mark the five-year anniversary of Andreessen’s observation. Read More

25 Productivity Tips from Percolate’s Designers

Early last month, Fast Company Design published Productivity Tips From the World’s Top Designers. Read More

Rules for Unleashing Creativity within Your Organization

Marketing is a creativity-meets-systems discipline with many moving parts. Unlike journalism, every blog post, infographic, guide, and social media strategy has an underlying sales and revenue objective. Read More

Inside a Real-Time Marketing Campaign

Doing real-time marketing well at a live event is hard. Take the Oscars. Read More

Introducing the 2015 State of Marketing Workflows and Measurement Study

The global rise of smartphones, the explosion in new marketing channels, and the Internet of Things – these dynamic shifts will increase the challenges marketers face around campaign measurement and collaboration by an order of magnitude. Read More