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In Conversation with the Percolate Chefs: Thoughtfulness in Food and Work

From Percolate’s very beginning, we’ve made having quality, healthy, and tasty food a priority. Read More

Why Meditation Might Be the Most Productive Thing You Do All Day

In the spirit of wellness month, I wanted to share what I learned from a General Assembly Workshop I attended recently on meditation. Read More

Why Percolate Eats Together Every Day

“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art,” said the 17th-century writer François de La Rochefoucauld. Read More

At Dawn, We Ride

Steve Jobs had many brilliant insights, but perhaps one that’s less talked about is how he compared computers and technology to cycling in the film Memory & Imagination: New Pathways to the Library of Congress. Read More

The Joy of Riding in New York City in the Spring

Percolate is proud to be an official sponsor of the 2014 New York City Bike to Work Challenge (May 12-16) and we’ll be writing about our love for cycling here on the blog. Read More

Granola @ Percolate

When it comes to providing office snacks we know that what we put in to our bodies will fuel the work we put out. Read More


On Saturday, a handful of Percolators readied their bikes and prepared to pedal either 30, 73, 108 or 155 miles towards the tip of Long Island where sand, sun and pie awaited everyone in Montauk. Read More

So, you want to ride a bicycle in NYC?

In the spirit of NYC’s bike to work week, here’s some guidance around buying your first bike. Read More

A Percolate Monday in Photos

Percolate Calisthenics. Hello Bond St. Welcome Ian. Our newest employee. We got a juicer. Read More

Coffee Talk

Photo by @leilafern from Moxxee Coffee in Charleston, West Virginia (that’s a homemade Reese’s cup, btw) I was working on a list of coffee terms (never know when they’ll come in handy) and I came across this short Esquire piece from one of the co-founder’s of La Colombe Torrefaction with a few good ones. Read More

Delicious Cookies

Here at Percolate we try to keep things pretty healthy. Mr. Gross keeps a well-stocked cupboard of healthy stuff in the back (once referred to as Secretariat’s Closet). Read More