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4 Strategies Comms Leaders Shouldn’t Ignore in 2018

For marketing and communications teams, ‘talking at’ consumers is no longer enough. As communications expert Michael Marinello puts it, marketers “need to win the hearts and minds” of their audience. Read More

Three Ways Human Attention is Transforming

Grabbing attention is one of, if not the foundational challenge marketers are tasked with solving. Read More

Six Lessons on Efficient, Consistent Customer Experience

The most successful marketing departments today sit at the center of the organization — and they stay there by centralizing resources for the benefit of the whole company. Read More

The Roundup: Twitter Ads, Amazon, and Social Messaging

Last week, we saw a lot of talk about ad blocking software and what it means for digital advertising. Read More

Three Things High Performing Marketers Do Differently

Who’s the best marketer you know? Maybe it’s your boss, or the CMO at your last company, or maybe it’s the lead organizer of the Meetup group you belong to. Read More

The Art and Science of Better Brand Storytelling

“People don’t always remember what you say or even what you do, but they always remember how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou In late 2008, a few weeks after Lehman Brothers filed the largest bankruptcy in US history, I quit my finance job, packed up a rental car — knotting a shoelace to keep the trunk closed — and drove to Boston to join a nine person startup. Read More