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Helping Marketers Get More Done Faster

We, as marketers, are hard-pressed to get their work done as efficiently as possible. Read More

Better Content, Campaigns, and Customer Relationships in 2016

We’re all concerned about finding efficiencies everywhere we can. Budgets aren’t getting much bigger, yet the amount of creative, the number of channels you’re communicating on, and the revenue your team is responsible for are all booming. Read More

Video: How MasterCard Grew Its Thriving Content Ecosystem

For MasterCard, content marketing has become synonymous with managing a vast ecosystem of original, branded content. Read More

Four Essential Tactics for Digital Video Advertising

Today, half of people watching TV are also on laptops, tablets, or smartphones at the same time. Read More

How GE, Chobani, and Blue Bottle Are Powered by a System of Record

We recently introduced our new brand film, which showcased how Percolate serves as a system of record for marketing for a global organization. Read More

How Clubs Foster a Stronger Culture at Percolate

Each year, Crain’s publishes a list of the “Best Places to Work” in New York City. Read More

Video Matters: Introducing New Functionality to the Percolate Media Library

Marketers today are using video more and more in their campaigns. Why? Because its exceptionally effective: visual data is processed much faster by the brain than text. Read More

Introducing System of Record: An Animated Short

The enterprise is in transition: to mobile, to global, and to software. Soon, nearly 100% of the planet will be connected on the same network. Read More

Shortform Video: Why Vine & Instagram Video are the New Frontiers for Brands

At Percolate we like to say that brands are figuring out how to go from four commercials a year to four tweets per hour. Read More

Building a Real Brand with a Fake Video

I love The Onion. Last week, they published a spot-on piece lampooning marketers and their attempts to create branded content –  “Hey, Everybody! Read More

Six Questions for m ss ng p eces

When we set out to make a video to answer the question what is curation, the first person we reached out to was Ari. Read More

What is Curation?

We’ve been thinking about this question for awhile and we wanted to take our best shot at answering. Read More