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How to Make the Most of Transition

Transition has 37 speakers, 11 workshops, and 1,320 minutes of action over two days. Read More

Seven Signs It’s Time for Social Media to Sit at the Adults’ Table

The most powerful stories often have the least words. The World Wildlife Fund executed a compelling campaign to bring endangered species into the public spotlight — by leveraging a social media app that’s got us all in a love-hate relationship with the selfie. Read More

The Roundup: Twitter Ads, Amazon, and Social Messaging

Last week, we saw a lot of talk about ad blocking software and what it means for digital advertising. Read More

Twitter’s Product Shift from Customer Service to Helping Brands Grow

In a subtle but important product release, Twitter has removed the 140 character text limit from Direct Messages (DMs). Read More

The Year Social Media Moves Beyond Social

[This essay originally appeared in Forbes.] Social is entering a new era in the history of its communications potential. Read More

How to Supercharge Your Twitter Ads with Rich Media

Of Twitter’s 284 million monthly active users, 80% are on mobile. That’s 227 million users scrolling through tweets on their mobile device each day, probably flipping right past your witty update. Read More

Can You Pull Off Real-Time Without a Mission Control Center?

Real-time marketing presents a great opportunity for brands to engage with their consumers in an innovative way, but, without technology, it is difficult for teams to be ready for a real-time triggering event. Read More

B2B vs B2C Marketing: How Social Media Has Blurred the Lines

Marketing, like every industry, is filled with jargon. At Percolate, we like to speak plainly and help make the marketing world easier to understand.  Read More

7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Underestimate Twitter

Running a public company is no easy gig, especially when you’re a social platform. Read More

Why Platforms Are Moving in on Mobile Ad Networks

Facebook recently announced plans to roll out a mobile ad network. While we’ll have to wait till the F8 conference later this month for full details, it’s likely to be a larger scale version of the small test they ran in late January when they started showing ads in third-party mobile apps with a select group of advertisers. Read More

Why Twitter Wants Brands to Plan Content

UPDATE: The Client Solutions team at Percolate put together a handy list of 60 US holidays and when they happen in 2014.  Read More

The Patterns Behind the “Most Shared” NYTimes Articles

If you want to grow your audience, you need to understand how people share your content. Read More