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Virtual Reality: What Does Success Look Like?

Tech and media trend followers have been anticipating virtual reality consumer products for some time now. Read More

Work, Life, and Creativity After the Fourth Industrial Revolution

If you asked me when I was starting primary school what I wanted to be when I grew up, I’d tell you all about my aspirations to work at Blockbuster. Read More

The State of Ad Blocking in Seven Charts

There’s been a shift in tone in the debate around ad blocking. The short history: it began as an ethical debate between publishers (allied with brand advertisers), who argued that a free content, no ads model wasn’t sustainable, and ad blocking software providers, who advocated for better, less interruptive ads and a cleaner user experience. Read More

Six 2016 Trends We’re Looking Out For

You can’t be a marketer without also being a forecaster. That’s tough in the digital age of complex customer journeys, when change is rapid—but that same environment makes it all the more important to identify the driving forces that will impact the decisions we make and how we execute them. Read More

11 Charts that Predict the Future of Marketing

Marketers will be challenged to push the envelope in 2015. Brands are rethinking their agency relationships in favor of more cost-efficient advertising tools and technology. Read More

Introducing the 2015 State of Marketing Workflows and Measurement Study

The global rise of smartphones, the explosion in new marketing channels, and the Internet of Things – these dynamic shifts will increase the challenges marketers face around campaign measurement and collaboration by an order of magnitude. Read More

My 7 Trends to Watch in 2014: How Did I Do?

It’s always fun to pick your head up, look around, and take a stance on what the future holds. Read More

11 Charts That Reveal How E-Commerce is Shifting in 2014

Retailers have always understood the power of brand and the importance of distribution. Read More

The Enterprise is in Transition

Adapted from our new report: Transition. If you’re interested in the technology trends that are transforming the enterprise and the world, let’s get together. Read More

31 Essential Facts for Marketers from Mary Meeker’s 2014 Internet Trends Presentation

Technology has dramatically reshaped the marketing discipline and is reshaping the marketer. Join the discussion about the future of our industry at The Transition Conference Each year, Mary Meeker, a partner at the highly respected venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, produces a massive presentation that looks critically at trends in all things internet related, from the growth in smartphone usage internationally to how many Tinder swipes happen every day. Read More

Forrester’s Google Plus Advice Reveals Where SMMS Fails

Nate Elliott is out with a new Forrester report on The Case for Google Plus. Read More

3 Things That Hold Back Your Content Marketing

Over the past six months, we’ve spent a great deal of time talking with brands both large and small to identify the key challenges and components of content marketing. Read More