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A Conversation with Comcast’s Barry Garbarino on LGBT Leadership and Advertising

Building a career in marketing is about more than just mastering the fundamentals of brand building. Read More

Thoughts on a More Global, Socially Conscious Super Bowl

Like most Americans, I spent Sunday night watching the Super Bowl. And, like many Americans, I found the ads as interesting as the game (in fact, for about three quarters, the ads were far more interesting). Read More

TV is Not Dead, and Here’s Why

“Human beings are to independent thinking as cats are to swimming. We can do it, but we prefer not to.”   – Daniel Kahneman, behavioral economist  That doesn’t mean we’re inherently lazy. Read More

Why the 2016 Presidential Election is Pitting Brands Against Politicians

The Iowa Caucuses are just around the corner and the American voting public is witnessing a unique phenomenon in 2016 — A national election cycle that is breaking spending records in advertising yet failing to produce return on campaign’s media budgets. Read More

Netflix and the New Standards for Branded Content

Although Netflix is largely responsible for the popularity of the online video streaming industry today, over the past five years, they have needed to continually adapt and become more innovative with their marketing tactics to maintain their position as a disruptive force. Read More

The Science Behind Great Creative

With the pace of media today, a successful marketing strategy requires an analytical approach driven by market research, audience data and performance metrics. Read More