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APIs and the Promise of ‘Everyware’

“Software is eating the world” — Marc Andreessen, Venture Capitalist This summer will mark the five-year anniversary of Andreessen’s observation. Read More

Transparency, Visibility, and Context

Over the last few weeks I’ve had three words floating around in my head: transparency, visibility, and context. Read More

Why Facebook Couldn’t Brand the Internet in India

This past winter, I went home to Mumbai for the holidays. While I was there, I was struck by the massive billboards for Facebook’s Free Basics everywhere. Read More

Work, Life, and Creativity After the Fourth Industrial Revolution

If you asked me when I was starting primary school what I wanted to be when I grew up, I’d tell you all about my aspirations to work at Blockbuster. Read More

These Mobile Innovations Are Quietly Changing the World

Innovation is more easily measured in small steps rather than great leaps. The big leaps, like Google’s Project Loon and Facebook’s Internet.org, are gunning to be the Internet of the future, but it’ll likely be years before their impact will be measurable in real time. Read More

A Brief History of How We Communicate on the Internet

The Internet has profoundly changed how we communicate. But what often goes overlooked is how profoundly communication has changed the Internet, and so directed the flow of venture capital that has funded its biggest milestones. Read More

Meet the Speakers of Transition 2015

On Thursday, thinkers from a range of disciplines—including marketing, education, logistics, journalism, economics, physics, design, and Star Trek—will gather to examine how our world is changing. Read More

The Transition to a World Run on Software

“Software is eating the world,” a modest venture capitalist once said. What that means is that software applications—more than new types of machinery or computers—are upending every industry, streamlining or otherwise transforming them. Read More

How Has Technology Changed Your World for the Better?

Enter our #Transition2015 Giveaway for your chance to win tickets to Transition and an Apple Watch. Read More

Alphabet Clears the Path for Better Brand Management at Google

Google’s recent announcement—that it will no longer be “Google” but Alphabet, a holding company which will include the core Google business as a subsidiary—testifies to the importance of giving a brand room to breathe and grow. Read More

How Technology Is Changing the Luxury Fashion Industry

At Burberry’s London store, a digital “thunderstorm” rages, reminding shoppers that they might need a Burberry trench coat. Read More

What Does It Take for CMOs to Become CEOs?

Overall, things are looking good for chief marketing officers. Among the trends they’re enjoying: longer tenures than ever. Read More