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How Timberland Is Embracing the Future of Content Marketing

The Timberland brand has always been about one iconic product: the yellow boot. Read More

Omnichannel Marketing Isn’t Just Retail’s Problem

No matter where you are in your marketing career, you’ve probably heard the term ‘omnichannel’ thrown around quite a bit over the last few years. Read More

The 11 Essential Elements of a Content Marketing Strategy

Content is the atomic unit of marketing — the currency of how to get attention (when done well). Read More

Five Questions Everyone Creating a Marketing Budget Needs to Answer

The last few months of the year mean a lot for marketers—the final charge towards revenue targets, the chance to plan around the seasonal flurry of economic activity that holidays bring, and, of course, budgets. Read More

How to Build a Brand the World Will Remember Tomorrow

Brands want to be chosen by customers, and marketing as a discipline is aimed at increasing that likelihood. Read More

Lessons from the CEO on Planning, Building, and Managing Product

Percolate co-founder Noah Brier spoke to my “Managing Technological Innovation” class about the company—I applied for an internship position immediately after. Read More

Three Brand Management Strategies That Should Have Failed

There’s a science to effective brand marketing. Ever since 1931, when Procter & Gamble started the discipline of brand management, the field has tried to pin down fundamentals like what it means to have a brand, and experts have emerged to conduct considerable research on the subject. Read More