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How Our Startup Launched a New Office and Scaled Culture

Today is Percolate’s 1,889th day. Not only has our product, staff, and client list grown, but our physical presence has, too.  Read More

Our Values

Updated November 16, 2016. We believe the only way to scale out Percolate is to distribute decision making out to the edges. Read More

5 Lessons from BuzzFeed and Uber on Building Closed-Loop Growth Systems

Last Wednesday, I started my day hearing a presentation from Ryan McKillan, Uber’s Head of Engineering in NYC and the person credited with creating the first modern Uber logo.  Read More

Unorthodox Advice on Marketing, Products, and Careers from the Co-Founder of BarkBox

Henrik Werdelin will be speaking live at Percolate’s first industry conference: Transition. Come to the Times Center on July 16th to join a conversation about how technology is reshaping marketing, the enterprise and the world. Read More

Building a startup: A view from the other side

I have always been fascinated by why some startups succeed and others fail. Read More

Being an Entrepreneur in 2012

I really liked the answer James gave to PSFK for their entrepreneurial trends for 2012: It seems to be celebrated in our tech and startup culture that in order to win you need to be as busy as possible. Read More