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The Future of Brand Management is Complexity Management

Managing a brand today — let alone a global brand or brand portfolio — is fundamentally different than it was 15 years ago. Read More

Three Ways to Maximize the Success of Enterprise Software

As business teams deploy new software, whether it’s a CRM, DAM or analytics product, the technology stack grows and become more complex, making user-level adoption across all platforms more difficult. Read More

Moving from Installation to Deployment

Our ability to create and use technology is what makes us innately human. Read More

Apple Wants YOU…To Get Healthy and Buy Things

SPOTLIGHT ON TRANSITION: This post is part of a series of insights into the ways technology is reshaping marketing, the enterprise, and the world.  Read More

11 Non-Obvious Android Apps for iPhone Users Switching Over

Switching from one smartphone ecosystem to another is a big deal. It’s like the digital version of moving into a new home in a new neighborhood. Read More

How a Mobile App for Honesty Can Make You a Better Marketer

Over the summer of 2013, David Byttow, a former Google software developer, started building a mobile app to solve a problem he had. Read More

Android and Intents

I’ve been an iPhone user since 3G (I stuck with Blackberry through the metal-backed one). Read More

Tools we use

We become what we behold. We shape our tools and then our tools shape us. Read More