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How to Scale Marketing Productivity on a Two-Person Team

If your department has a small social media team, it likely needs to save as much time as it possibly can. Read More

Facebook, Snapchat, and the End of the Social Networking Era

For the first time in its history, Facebook Inc. now has more active accounts on messaging app properties than it does on its social network. Read More

How to Take Charge When a Tweet Goes Wrong

It’s a marketing executive’s worst nightmare. A playful tweet is misinterpreted, taking on a new, twisted meaning. Read More

Find a Purpose for Your Social Presence

Being active on a multitude of social media channels can be an excellent tactic when building your brand, monitoring your online presence, and influencing sales; however, many companies still have a social presence for the sole purpose of just “being there” and fail to use these channels to generate measurable results that align with their business goals. Read More

What Does Social Media Mean for Marketers Today?

In 2007, “social media marketing” pretty much meant having a Facebook page. We’ve come a long way since then. Read More

How HBO Sells Fantasy: The ‘Game of Thrones’ Customer Journey

Game of Thrones concluded its fifth season on June 15, becoming HBO’s biggest hit since The Sopranos. Read More

Keeping Your Brand Reputation Safe Through a Crisis

Every brand should prepare for a moment when something goes wrong—with the current speed of information, bad news can spread very quickly. Read More

Should You Still Have a Social Media Team?

In my last job, I worked in a ‘social media hub’ at head office. Read More

4 Must-Haves to Transform Complaints on Social into Marketing Opportunities

If brands had a choice in the matter, they’d opt to never annoy their customers. Read More

Customer Service on Social Media: Going Above Response Management

It can be tough to respond to customer complaints. That’s as true for the 16-year-old movie theater employee who has to explain that the popcorn machine is broken (I’ve been there) as it is for the social media manager who’s fielding reports from customers thousands of miles away. Read More

The Year Social Media Moves Beyond Social

[This essay originally appeared in Forbes.] Social is entering a new era in the history of its communications potential. Read More

What We Found When We Analyzed the Top 1,000 Posts On LinkedIn

Distributing compelling long-form content on LinkedIn can be a powerful way to build your company’s brand, showcase products, demonstrate thought leadership, and boost your own career. Read More