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The ROI of Brand Command Centers: An Interview with David Beebe

Brand marketing has entered an era of rapid-response. Major corporate reputation crises that have beset large brands have made one thing clear: the playbook for how brands communicate with their customers is in need of an update. Read More

Why Customer Experience Goes Way Beyond Social

Marketers have long defined brands in terms of experiences. Here at Percolate we like to think of brand as the sum of all the interactions a person has with your company, its content, its products, and its people. Read More

How Shinola Uses Community to Take Their Brand Global

In five short years, Shinola has emerged as the modern luxury brand to beat. Read More

Marketers on the Frontlines: How Wharton is Building a Global Education Brand

In this blog series, we profile the recipients of the first-ever Percolate Customer Awards, given at Transition 2016 to individuals who are innovators in their field. Read More

How to Create a Simple Social Media Measurement Plan

Measuring social media performance is difficult for a lot of marketers. In fact, almost 48% of senior marketers say they haven’t been able to show the impact of social to the business, according to the latest CMO Survey by the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University. Read More

11 Charts That Explain the Future of Marketing

A couple years ago — and many beautiful slide decks later — we came to the realization that marketers liked charts. Read More

Seven Signs It’s Time for Social Media to Sit at the Adults’ Table

The most powerful stories often have the least words. The World Wildlife Fund executed a compelling campaign to bring endangered species into the public spotlight — by leveraging a social media app that’s got us all in a love-hate relationship with the selfie. Read More

Is Peach a Viable Social Network or Passing Fad?

Over the weekend, Twitter saw a lot of peach emojis making the rounds. Read More

The New Mandate for Content Marketing

The advent of content marketing has marked a paradigm shift for how brands do business. Read More

How Has Technology Changed Your World for the Better?

Enter our #Transition2015 Giveaway for your chance to win tickets to Transition and an Apple Watch. Read More

The Roundup: Twitter Ads, Amazon, and Social Messaging

Last week, we saw a lot of talk about ad blocking software and what it means for digital advertising. Read More

Twitter’s Product Shift from Customer Service to Helping Brands Grow

In a subtle but important product release, Twitter has removed the 140 character text limit from Direct Messages (DMs). Read More