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Why Customer Experience Goes Way Beyond Social

Marketers have long defined brands in terms of experiences. Here at Percolate we like to think of brand as the sum of all the interactions a person has with your company, its content, its products, and its people. Read More

10 Essential Social Media Marketing Statistics for 2017

There’s no doubt that social media has fundamentally changed the way we do marketing. Read More

3 Ways Dark Posts Can Help Grow Your Brand

As a chef works to create specific dishes for each table of guests from his menu in restaurant, a digital marketer must work to create specific messages that will connect with and drive action from their desired target audiences. Read More

How to Create a Simple Social Media Measurement Plan

Measuring social media performance is difficult for a lot of marketers. In fact, almost 48% of senior marketers say they haven’t been able to show the impact of social to the business, according to the latest CMO Survey by the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University. Read More

3 Brands That Are Getting User-Generated Content Right

As someone with a genuine interest for all things marketing and who works directly with Percolate clients, I’m lucky enough to get a peek behind the scenes into the marketing machines at some of the world’s biggest brands. Read More

Seven Signs It’s Time for Social Media to Sit at the Adults’ Table

The most powerful stories often have the least words. The World Wildlife Fund executed a compelling campaign to bring endangered species into the public spotlight — by leveraging a social media app that’s got us all in a love-hate relationship with the selfie. Read More

Customer Satisfaction Isn’t a Short-Term Play

There’s little disputing that customer satisfaction is critical to brand growth. In fact, when you look Interbrand’s top 10 list of brands that are consumer-facing and compare them with the University of Michigan’s American Customer Satisfaction Index’s benchmarks, nine of them beat the industry average, and they consistently come in at the top of their respective industries. Read More

Twitter’s Product Shift from Customer Service to Helping Brands Grow

In a subtle but important product release, Twitter has removed the 140 character text limit from Direct Messages (DMs). Read More

How to Scale Marketing Productivity on a Two-Person Team

If your department has a small social media team, it likely needs to save as much time as it possibly can. Read More

Facebook, Snapchat, and the End of the Social Networking Era

For the first time in its history, Facebook Inc. now has more active accounts on messaging app properties than it does on its social network. Read More

How to Take Charge When a Tweet Goes Wrong

It’s a marketing executive’s worst nightmare. A playful tweet is misinterpreted, taking on a new, twisted meaning. Read More

Find a Purpose for Your Social Presence

Being active on a multitude of social media channels can be an excellent tactic when building your brand, monitoring your online presence, and influencing sales; however, many companies still have a social presence for the sole purpose of just “being there” and fail to use these channels to generate measurable results that align with their business goals. Read More