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Percolate + Allocadia: A New Partnership for the Future of Marketing Operations

In recent years, content marketing has undergone a categorical shift — from a subdiscipline focused on engagement to a critical driver of marketing impact. Read More

Here’s What Your Digital Transformation Strategy is Missing

If you work at a global organization, you’re probably tired of hearing the phrase “digital transformation.” We all want to go digital – but for many companies, there’s a missing link between choosing the right technology and capturing the long-term benefits of digitization. Read More

Marketing ROI: Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Optimization?

The digital age has generally been kind to marketing and advertising. There’s next to no denying that our toolkit, newly bolstered by online channels and data analytics capabilities, has shifted Marketing closer to the forefront of the organization. Read More

Another Lesson in Marketing Economics: Unlocking Customer Value

Customer lifetime value (LTV) is one of the most important concepts in marketing today—it’s also the single-most pressing challenge. Read More

Three Ways to Maximize the Success of Enterprise Software

As business teams deploy new software, whether it’s a CRM, DAM or analytics product, the technology stack grows and become more complex, making user-level adoption across all platforms more difficult. Read More