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Figuring Out Enterprise Software Design

The words “enterprise” and “software” were not something I had put together before joining Percolate. Read More

The System Content Marketing Needs

Content is the atomic unit of brand communications – it’s how you connect with customers, build purchase consideration, and tell the narrative that drives revenue growth. Read More

3 Takeaways From Our First API Meetup

Constant questioning is one of the ten values that form the pillar of Percolate’s corporate culture. Read More

How We Make Product Films In-House

Films are a great way to communicate. They have more personality than static images, high energy if you do them right, and the ability to make your audience feel something. Read More

Better Content, Campaigns, and Customer Relationships in 2016

We’re all concerned about finding efficiencies everywhere we can. Budgets aren’t getting much bigger, yet the amount of creative, the number of channels you’re communicating on, and the revenue your team is responsible for are all booming. Read More

The Seven Qualities of World-Class SaaS Companies

For nearly ten years prior to joining the product team at Percolate, I was at Workday. Read More

Lessons from the CEO on Planning, Building, and Managing Product

Percolate co-founder Noah Brier spoke to my “Managing Technological Innovation” class about the company—I applied for an internship position immediately after. Read More

What Product Designers Need

Since graduating college in 2009, I’ve worked at 5 startups. I’ve learned a lot about building product design teams. Read More

How I Manage Products at Percolate

Percolate’s platform is used by the world’s biggest and fastest growing brands. With enhancements launching several times a day, our company relies on product managers, or PMs, to release features that meet the immediate needs of our customers without losing sight of our long-term mission to build the system of record for marketing. Read More

5 Product Team Practices That Help Us Build Better Software

Recently, we’ve reorganized the structure of our product team. We moved from one large group into five mini teams, each composed of members of design, client solutions, product management, frontend, backend, and mobile engineering. Read More

Video Matters: Introducing New Functionality to the Percolate Media Library

Marketers today are using video more and more in their campaigns. Why? Because its exceptionally effective: visual data is processed much faster by the brain than text. Read More

Introducing the Longform Editor

Creating content has been a part of Percolate since our founding in 2011, when Noah and James sought to address brands’ biggest challenge: figuring out what to say, and how to say it. Read More