We've written 14 articles about product design

How Designers Learn Business

Designer Joshua Taylor recently wrote this piece on ‘Why designers shouldn’t code. They should study business.’ It gets at what I believe is the biggest responsibility of designers today — understanding the business of our customers to increase the impact design has.   Read More

Why the Best Work Still Needs a Story

Early in my career, I worked for a software company in product design. Read More

What Product Designers Need

Since graduating college in 2009, I’ve worked at 5 startups. I’ve learned a lot about building product design teams. Read More

Applying Architecture to Product Design: Lesson 3 — Sketching Tools

As a Product Designer at Percolate with a background in architecture, I’ve seen many parallels between the two fields. Read More

Applying Architecture to Product Design: Lesson 2 — Program

Welcome to the 2nd post in my mini series about applying architecture principles to product design. Read More

Applying Architecture to Product Design: Lesson 1 – Circulation

Have you ever noticed that the tabs in a mobile app are kind of like stairs to different floors of the software? Read More

Functional Design: This Bike Fender Rolls Up When Not Used

Functional Design is a concept we think a lot about at Percolate, as we strive to create powerful, efficient, and enjoyable software that helps brands solve their biggest marketing challenges. Read More

Designing the Percolate Image Editor

Recently, we’ve seen a transformation take place across Social. Platforms that once predominately featured text have been revolutionized into visual landscapes. Read More

Designing the Percolate Marketing Planner

When we found out brand marketing teams were using spreadsheets to plan and organize their marketing content, we felt there must be a better way. Read More

Building with Minimum Viable Product

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about product development processes lately. We’re working on a bunch of new stuff around here and the team has been growing pretty rapidly (we’re up to 14 total, with nine on the product side). Read More

Prompts in Docs

Like a lot of companies these days we use Google Docs for collaboration. Read More

Link. Pull. Response.

I’ve been blogging for awhile (in blog terms … eight years) and like most bloggers I look up to Kottke.org as the standard bearer for how to do it right. Read More