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3.4: Lee

We haven’t been great about keeping on our feature release blog posts recently. Read More

2.6: BEL

If you’ve been following along at home we’ve been naming each of our product releases after a different graffiti artist. Read More

2.5: Kaws

Carrying on our tradition of naming releases after street artists, this one goes to Kaws, who was a street artist before he started doing album covers for Kanye West. Read More

2.4: Robin Rhode

I’m bending the rules here a little to continue our theme of naming product releases after a graffiti artist, it’s a good one though, so I hope you don’t mind. Read More

2.3: Futura 2000

Photo from the book Aerosol Kingdom. We’ve been trying to come up with a good system for naming our releases and haven’t had much luck. Read More

Add photos and video to your posts

Creating a post on Percolate just got a whole lot better. From today you can add photos and videos to the stories you publish with the ‘Media Picker’, a new feature we’ve woven into the Percolate publishing flow. Read More

Faster, Better, Easier

Another week, another round of updates. Have some good ones in this round. Read More

Updates Updates Updates

Since launching our alpha a few weeks ago we’ve been pretty quiet as we listened to feedback, added new users and got some things in order. Read More

The First Few Days

Alright, so we’re just about through 4 full days of not-so-secret alphaness and all-in-all it’s been amazing. Read More

Welcome to the New Percolate

Last fall James and I were sitting at a coffee shop (Grey Dog to be exact) and throwing around a few ideas. Read More