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Video Matters: Introducing New Functionality to the Percolate Media Library

Marketers today are using video more and more in their campaigns. Why? Because its exceptionally effective: visual data is processed much faster by the brain than text. Read More

Build the Chart, Tell the Story: Percolate’s New Analytics Toolkit

Analytics tell a story. They reveal insights about a campaign’s performance and help brands understand the arc of their marketing efforts and where they can improve going forward. Read More

Introducing the Longform Editor

Creating content has been a part of Percolate since our founding in 2011, when Noah and James sought to address brands’ biggest challenge: figuring out what to say, and how to say it. Read More

Introducing the Percolate Marketing Library

At Percolate, we strive day in and day out to be a technology company that stands for the right things. Read More

Introducing: Carapace, Neue, FVD

You may have heard about the release of our new image editor. We put a lot of development into this feature and today we’re pleased to release some of the underlying source code to the public. Read More

Get an Event Marketing Media Release in 60 Seconds (or Less)

Creating real-time content at live events just got easier. The latest version of our Percolate Photographer mobile app lets event marketing teams capture visual content and secure image rights in a matter of minutes (or less). Read More

Capturing Your Brand’s Best Moments: Photographer on Android

Our latest milestone on the road to enabling better content across every device is the exciting launch of Percolate Photographer for Android. Read More

Search is Social: Announcing Google+ Integration

Percolate is very excited to announce that starting this week, our customers will be able to publish both long-form and short-form content to Google+ directly from our platform. Read More

Photographer App 2.0: Introducing Instragram Integration

A few months ago we launched our first iOS app called Media Uploader. Read More

Ensuring a Consistent Brand Voice: Introducing Brand Prompts

If you’re a brand, one of the biggest challenges you have is how to ensure that everyone creating content on your behalf always keeps the tone/voice on target. Read More

Introducing Leaderboard: Content Analytics for iOS

A few months ago we released our first iOS app called Media Uploader. Read More

Introducing redset

I’m excited to announce that we’ve opensourced redset, a flexible tool we’ve been using internally to help coordinate work in distributed Python systems. Read More