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The State of Customer Success – Learnings from Pulse 2017

This year I attended Pulse 2017 in San Francisco – a three day event run by Gainsight. Read More

Setting the Standard for Global Planning Visibility

From the beginning, Percolate has been a platform built by marketers for marketers. Read More

Use Gartner’s “Marketing Resource Management 2.0” to Complete Your Marketing Stack

Outlining the requirements of a marketing stack is the most foundational challenge for IT leadership and marketing technologists. Read More

Announcing New Features That Give Marketers Greater Visibility and Coordination

Today the Percolate team is proud to announce several new product features that represent incredible progress on our mission to build The System of Record for Marketing®. Read More

How to Create a Simple Social Media Measurement Plan

Measuring social media performance is difficult for a lot of marketers. In fact, almost 48% of senior marketers say they haven’t been able to show the impact of social to the business, according to the latest CMO Survey by the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University. Read More

3 Reasons You’ll Never Measure Marketing ROI Correctly (and That’s Perfectly Ok)

Today, our business is everywhere — on mobile, across social media and messaging apps, and even exposed to new mediums like connected devices and virtual reality (VR). Read More

Charting the Course for Marketing Skill Development

When I first watched Cool Runnings, I was amazed by a number of things. Read More

How Better Marketing Analytics Extend Brand Reach

Marketers at premium athletic retailer Hibbett Sports faced a problem that all modern marketing teams are familiar with: they wanted to expand brand reach and engagement with fans on social channels, but they didn’t know how exactly to do it. Read More

Martin Weigel on Fighting Short-Termism in Marketing

“The work. The relationship. Your brand. And your business.” That’s what Martin Weigel, the head of planning at Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, believes is at stake when marketers chase short-term metrics rather than strive for meaningful, long-term growth. Read More

Did Harvard Miscalculate the Value of Customer Relationships?

[Spoiler alert: The short answer is no, Harvard didn’t, but a contributor to Harvard Business Review likely did. Read More

Another Lesson in Marketing Economics: Unlocking Customer Value

Customer lifetime value (LTV) is one of the most important concepts in marketing today—it’s also the single-most pressing challenge. Read More

How to Tell If Your Marketing Economics Are Broken or Brilliant

For all the art, creativity and storytelling required in marketing, it’s a discipline that ultimately finds truth in math and economics. Read More