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Transition Talk: Gawker’s Nick Denton on Power in the Media

Welcome to Transition Talks, a new series of highlights and excerpts from Transition 2016. Read More

Can Marketing Calendar Software Actually Replace Excel?

Great brands are born through vision, thoughtful planning, and inspired, consistent execution. If retail or sales is your corporate lifeblood today, marketing is the circulatory system delivering you tomorrow’s better future. Read More

Why the 2016 Presidential Election is Pitting Brands Against Politicians

The Iowa Caucuses are just around the corner and the American voting public is witnessing a unique phenomenon in 2016 — A national election cycle that is breaking spending records in advertising yet failing to produce return on campaign’s media budgets. Read More

Breaking News and Better Storytelling: Journalism 101 for Brands

Brands have more in common with traditional newsrooms than ever before. Digital tools are making it easier for them to reach and engage with audiences organically and focus on good storytelling. Read More

Four Essential Tactics for Digital Video Advertising

Today, half of people watching TV are also on laptops, tablets, or smartphones at the same time. Read More

5 Lessons from BuzzFeed and Uber on Building Closed-Loop Growth Systems

Last Wednesday, I started my day hearing a presentation from Ryan McKillan, Uber’s Head of Engineering in NYC and the person credited with creating the first modern Uber logo.  Read More

If You Haven’t Read the Leaked NYTimes Innovation Report, You Should

Last month, an internal report written by a strategy team at the New York Times was leaked to the public. Read More

The Patterns Behind the “Most Shared” NYTimes Articles

If you want to grow your audience, you need to understand how people share your content. Read More

The Interest Graph for Brands

We’ve been talking a lot about interest graphs for awhile around Percolate. Two weeks ago I was invited to speak on the topic at the Media Evolution Conference in Malmo, Sweden. Read More