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Advertising for the Long Term

We’re in the home stretch of our five-part series, exploring a variety of common marketing myths. Read More

Why Mass Marketing Wins Over Targeted Efforts

We’ve described marketing as a creative discipline with standards that need to be systemized. Read More

Small vs. Large Brands: How to Become a Market Leader

At Percolate, our vision is to create technology that builds the world’s best brands. Read More

Report: How the Brand-Agency Relationship Has Changed

In the era of broadcast campaign-based marketing, a brand would typically rely on a single agency for its important marketing activities—generating ideas, negotiating media buys, and producing content like TV commercials and billboards. Read More

Breaking News and Better Storytelling: Journalism 101 for Brands

Brands have more in common with traditional newsrooms than ever before. Digital tools are making it easier for them to reach and engage with audiences organically and focus on good storytelling. Read More

From the Memoirs of an Email Marketer: How to Get Your Emails Read

I can start my day talking to Australia over coffee at 8am, Singapore at 9am and India before lunch. Read More

Find a Purpose for Your Social Presence

Being active on a multitude of social media channels can be an excellent tactic when building your brand, monitoring your online presence, and influencing sales; however, many companies still have a social presence for the sole purpose of just “being there” and fail to use these channels to generate measurable results that align with their business goals. Read More

Five Ways to Realign Your Marketing Around the New Buyer Journey

Last month, I shared data and observations on the significance and opportunities for marketers and the types of new multi-channel buyer behavior. Read More

What Does an Emotional Connection with Your Customers Look Like?

The web today allows brands to make more personal and emotional connections with their customer base. Read More

How to Build an Editorial Calendar for Content Creation and Distribution

We’ve all seen spreadsheets and templates of content calendars. These calendars tend to focus solely on creation due date and the day a story is published onto the brand’s blog, microsite or elsewhere. Read More

4 Must-Haves to Transform Complaints on Social into Marketing Opportunities

If brands had a choice in the matter, they’d opt to never annoy their customers. Read More

Customer Service on Social Media: Going Above Response Management

It can be tough to respond to customer complaints. That’s as true for the 16-year-old movie theater employee who has to explain that the popcorn machine is broken (I’ve been there) as it is for the social media manager who’s fielding reports from customers thousands of miles away. Read More