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5 New Year’s Resolutions for Marketers in 2020

The champagne has been popped, the last of the holiday cookies have been eaten, and the 2010s are officially in the rear view. Read More

Why Your Marketing Team Should Be Thinking Global in 2017

It’s no secret that marketers grapple with constant change on a day-to-day basis. Read More

How to Manage Change in Your Marketing Department

Over the last few years, we’ve seen many marketing leaders reorganize and retool their teams to better and more efficiently create the engaging, relevant and consistent experiences their audiences expect. Read More

How to Make the Most of Transition

Transition has 37 speakers, 11 workshops, and 1,320 minutes of action over two days. Read More

Why Great Marketing Starts with Your IT Department

Like that slightly awkward first date you had last week, marketing and IT don’t always have much to talk about. Read More

How to Implement a Zero-Based Marketing Budget Without Going Insane

When we last dived into budgets, we listed two common rules of thumb for determining your total marketing department budget: shooting for about 10% of your firm’s revenue, and adjusting last year’s budget by revenue growth. Read More

Marketing, Meet Sales: Co-Creator of the Customer Journey in 2016

“To most organizations, sales-marketing alignment is the holy grail of closed loop systems.” That’s what Jason Gelman, who manages Sales Operations here at Percolate told me when I sat him down to decode what “sales-marketing alignment” meant in practice. Read More

How to Take Your Global Brand Local

The forces of globalization — the installation of telecommunications infrastructure in more countries, standardized transportation systems and international logistics, a more populated Internet, a burgeoning global middle class — present a bit of a conundrum for marketers and their advertising. Read More

Why Marketers Need to Care About DAMs

Digital asset management (DAM) systems are a central part of the technology infrastructure of an organization. Read More

Selbst Marketing braucht Normen

Marketing als Disziplin existiert schon seit vielen Jahren. Dennoch hat sich im Wesentlichen in diesem Feld nichts Groß verändert: Immer noch werden analoge Prozesse angewendet, die immer wieder zu denselben Problemen führen. Read More

How Legal Risk Creeps into the Creative Process

Corporate lawyers often get flak from others in the organization because of the time they take to review and approve public- or client-facing documents, like contracts or ad images. Read More

The Secret to Brand Growth? Mental and Physical Availability

Welcome to the final blog post in our five-part series. We set out as marketing mythbusters, taking a scientific approach to marketing in doing so. Read More