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Plan for Your Marketing Orchestration RFP With This Handy Guide

For many marketers, starting an enterprise RFP process occupies a similar mental space to getting a cavity filled or visiting the DMV: sometimes unavoidable, but nearly always unpleasant.  It doesn’t need to be that way. Read More

How Land O’Lakes is Investing in the Marketing Tech Stack of the Future

Few brands can claim to be as iconic and beloved as Land O’Lakes – and even fewer can claim to have held this position nearly 100 years. Read More

Before You Buy More Ad Tech, Read This

Over the last two decades, the marketing and advertising technology industries have been promising marketers a whole new world of ROI. Read More

The Marketer’s Common Sense Guide to Technology Acronyms

In March of 2013, I found myself at Adobe Summit for the fourth time in five years. Read More

Why Project Management Needs a Marketing Vocabulary

“We shape our tools and thereafter they shape us.” – John M. Culkin I love that quote. Read More

Why Content Marketing Will Move Martech Forward

Yesterday, Scott Brinker of ChiefMarTech.com released the 2016 edition of his now (in?)famous Marketing Technology Landscape supergraphic, charting over 3,800 systems over 6 broad clusters of capabilities: It’s more than double the size of the 2015 landscape (featuring “only” 1,876 vendors, which itself is up from 150 in 2011). Read More

APIs and the Promise of ‘Everyware’

“Software is eating the world” — Marc Andreessen, Venture Capitalist This summer will mark the five-year anniversary of Andreessen’s observation. Read More

How Ad Blocking Redefines the Standards for Creativity

Choice is a powerful thing, and as technology advances we keep getting more of it. Read More

A Brief History of How We Communicate on the Internet

The Internet has profoundly changed how we communicate. But what often goes overlooked is how profoundly communication has changed the Internet, and so directed the flow of venture capital that has funded its biggest milestones. Read More

Five Ways to Realign Your Marketing Around the New Buyer Journey

Last month, I shared data and observations on the significance and opportunities for marketers and the types of new multi-channel buyer behavior. Read More

How Marketing Leaders are Managing Brands in the Information Age

Marketing has changed more in the last 15 years than it did in the 50 years before that. Read More

Marketing Operations 101: Why Your Brand Needs an Efficient Supply Chain

Today, marketers are pushing media to more targets, across more markets, and through more channels than ever before. Read More