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Plan for Your Marketing Orchestration RFP With This Handy Guide

For many marketers, starting an enterprise RFP process occupies a similar mental space to getting a cavity filled or visiting the DMV: sometimes unavoidable, but nearly always unpleasant.  It doesn’t need to be that way. Read More

Why Orchestration Matters for Financial Services Marketers

In the last decade, most marketers have faced challenges around evolving audiences and market conditions. Read More

The True Challenge of Modern Marketing in One Chart

No matter what marketing function you perform — content marketing, social media marketing, digital marketing more broadly, traditional advertising — and no matter how large your organization, the chart below sums up a core truth of modern marketing. Read More

How Legal Risk Creeps into the Creative Process

Corporate lawyers often get flak from others in the organization because of the time they take to review and approve public- or client-facing documents, like contracts or ad images. Read More

Skillshare + Percolate: A New Class on the Marketing Lifecycle

Our vision is to create technology that helps build the best brands in the world. Read More

The Thinking Behind Six Digital Content Hubs

If you browse the internet long enough—and especially if you’re delving into the online presence of different brands—you’re bound to find yourself on a digital content hub. Read More

The Seven Most Important Psychology Studies for Marketers

We like to think of ourselves as highly rational beings, capable of sound judgement even under duress. Read More

10 Questions to Ask When Approaching Data Journalism

Brands, journalists, and governments are all interacting with more data than ever before. Read More

Introducing the Marketing Technology RFP for Modern Marketers

One of the big innovations in technology that’s fueled the tech boom of the last decade has been the incredible ease of releasing new software. Read More

Engagement is Not a Business Objective

At Percolate, we’ve developed a set of ideas we call the building blocks of marketing. Read More

How Do You Plan for the Super Bowl?

Last year’s Super Bowl was the third most-watched TV show in U.S. history, drawing an audience of nearly 109 million people. Read More

New Whitepaper: The Content Marketing Revolution

Prior to 2010, digital marketing was defined by search, banners, and microsites, with a small percentage allocated among a long tail of other tactics. Read More