We've written 7 articles about how brands grow

The Secret to Brand Growth? Mental and Physical Availability

Welcome to the final blog post in our five-part series. We set out as marketing mythbusters, taking a scientific approach to marketing in doing so. Read More

Advertising for the Long Term

We’re in the home stretch of our five-part series, exploring a variety of common marketing myths. Read More

Be Distinctive, Not Different

A few weeks ago, we set out to bust a number of marketing myths. Read More

Martin Weigel on Fighting Short-Termism in Marketing

“The work. The relationship. Your brand. And your business.” That’s what Martin Weigel, the head of planning at Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, believes is at stake when marketers chase short-term metrics rather than strive for meaningful, long-term growth. Read More

Why Mass Marketing Wins Over Targeted Efforts

We’ve described marketing as a creative discipline with standards that need to be systemized. Read More

Small vs. Large Brands: How to Become a Market Leader

At Percolate, our vision is to create technology that builds the world’s best brands. Read More

The Brand Management Required Reading List

We define brand a couple different ways. We talk about brand as a promise, as the sum of all interactions, and as an expression of an organization’s mission and values. Read More