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A Brief History of How We Communicate on the Internet

The Internet has profoundly changed how we communicate. But what often goes overlooked is how profoundly communication has changed the Internet, and so directed the flow of venture capital that has funded its biggest milestones. Read More

The Roundup: Twitter Ads, Amazon, and Social Messaging

Last week, we saw a lot of talk about ad blocking software and what it means for digital advertising. Read More

Alphabet Clears the Path for Better Brand Management at Google

Google’s recent announcement—that it will no longer be “Google” but Alphabet, a holding company which will include the core Google business as a subsidiary—testifies to the importance of giving a brand room to breathe and grow. Read More

The Year Social Media Moves Beyond Social

[This essay originally appeared in Forbes.] Social is entering a new era in the history of its communications potential. Read More

What Google I/O Means for Marketers in 2014 and Beyond

SPOTLIGHT ON TRANSITION: This post is part of a series of insights into the ways technology is reshaping marketing, the enterprise, and the world. Read More

11 Non-Obvious Android Apps for iPhone Users Switching Over

Switching from one smartphone ecosystem to another is a big deal. It’s like the digital version of moving into a new home in a new neighborhood. Read More

The Future of Google Lies in G+Droid

Google is an amazing company. Beyond all the obvious stuff (world’s best search engine, self-driving cars, crazy computer glasses), Android has been the thing that’s been capturing my mind the most lately. Read More

Search is Social: Announcing Google+ Integration

Percolate is very excited to announce that starting this week, our customers will be able to publish both long-form and short-form content to Google+ directly from our platform. Read More

Why Facebook Matters

Let me get something out of the way before we get started: In case you haven’t heard, Facebook is going to IPO this week. Read More

Prompts in Docs

Like a lot of companies these days we use Google Docs for collaboration. Read More

Going Native

Andy Weissman wrote an interesting post about what he calls the “golden age of internet marketing.” Essentially his vision, which I mostly agree with, is that a few large platforms are going to create native monetization models that better align the interests of brands, consumers and platforms than display advertising ever did. Read More