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How EA is Building Content for Our Shrinking Attention Spans

In the last 15 years, the average human attention span has dropped from 12 seconds to eight seconds. Read More

How Shinola Uses Community to Take Their Brand Global

In five short years, Shinola has emerged as the modern luxury brand to beat. Read More

How to Plan a Global Rebrand (And Stay Iconic)

There’s a reason Budweiser can change its cans to just read “America,” and Snickers can replace its name on candy wrappers with words like “confused” and “benched” without sacrificing brand equity. Read More

A Four-Part Framework for Campaign Sharing Across Your Organization

If you work in a global digital role, you’re responsible for efficiently and effectively distributing a broad spectrum of communications and assets to other parts of the company. Read More

How to Take Your Global Brand Local

The forces of globalization — the installation of telecommunications infrastructure in more countries, standardized transportation systems and international logistics, a more populated Internet, a burgeoning global middle class — present a bit of a conundrum for marketers and their advertising. Read More

What Global Marketers Can Expect from Brazil in 2015

This is my favorite time of year in Rio de Janeiro. When I worked there we used to joke that the year doesn’t actually start until after Carnaval — the Brazilian version of Mardi Gras, usually in late February. Read More