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How to Build a Brand the World Will Remember Tomorrow

Brands want to be chosen by customers, and marketing as a discipline is aimed at increasing that likelihood. Read More

How to Be a Brand Champion: Lessons from Elon Musk and Other Leaders

Brands and their creators sometimes inhabit the same identity—for some, it’s easier to champion a brand without making themselves the brand, but for others, it’s harder to disassociate the “brand personality” from their own. Read More

Twitter’s Product Shift from Customer Service to Helping Brands Grow

In a subtle but important product release, Twitter has removed the 140 character text limit from Direct Messages (DMs). Read More

Alphabet Clears the Path for Better Brand Management at Google

Google’s recent announcement—that it will no longer be “Google” but Alphabet, a holding company which will include the core Google business as a subsidiary—testifies to the importance of giving a brand room to breathe and grow. Read More

What It Takes for Your Brand to Go Global

There were just a handful of global brands 40 years ago, writer and editor Elizabeth Wasserman pointed out in a recent article for Inc. Read More

What’s Your Multi-cultural Brand Strategy as U.S. Demographics Shift?

According to the Census Bureau, the United States is fast approaching a demographic tipping point in which today’s cultural majority will soon become the minority. Read More

Keeping Your Brand Reputation Safe Through a Crisis

Every brand should prepare for a moment when something goes wrong—with the current speed of information, bad news can spread very quickly. Read More

Defining Brand Identity

We talk about brands all the time here. We’re fascinated with them, but it struck me recently that nowhere in all of the blog posts or white papers have we taken a moment to explicitly define the elements of brand. Read More

How Marketing Leaders are Managing Brands in the Information Age

Marketing has changed more in the last 15 years than it did in the 50 years before that. Read More

How MasterCard Went from Broadcaster to Global Brand Publisher

A little over three years ago, MasterCard’s Corporate & Digital Communications Group launched a new effort to track and monitor digital conversations about their brand across 55 markets and 26 languages. Read More

How Nestlé Transformed a 100 Year-Old Company into a Startup

Earlier this month, we had the privilege of attending the LeWeb conference in Paris. Read More

How Top Brands Localize Global Marketing Campaigns

As the global middle class grows from 1.8 billion to 5 billion by 2030, a brand’s moment in the world spotlight will increasingly be as close by as one particularly good or bad tweet. Read More