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Three Myths About Social Platforms Debunked

At Percolate, we’ve developed a set of ideas we call the building blocks of marketing. Read More

The Real Cost of Modern Marketing

Across both B2B and B2C, the largest challenge digital marketers face is reaching their audiences with relevant content. Read More

The Demise of the Like and Why that’s a Good Thing

It’s not like pages have carte blanche to assault people with posts. People know their own tolerance for what they consider to be spam better than any algorithm does. Read More

Facebook Is Making Brands More Like You

There’s been a long-standing claim against every social network: You are not their consumer, you are their product. Read More

comScore, Facebook and (quantifiable) social ROI

comScore, in collaboration with Facebook, has attempted to address recent skepticism over the social network’s effectiveness as an advertising platform. Read More

Why Facebook Matters

Let me get something out of the way before we get started: In case you haven’t heard, Facebook is going to IPO this week. Read More

On Bullshit

I’ve always been amazed by the lies companies tell themselves to help justify their existence. Read More


Faris Yakob has an interesting little post up about the importance of awesomeness in content. Read More

Going Native

Andy Weissman wrote an interesting post about what he calls the “golden age of internet marketing.” Essentially his vision, which I mostly agree with, is that a few large platforms are going to create native monetization models that better align the interests of brands, consumers and platforms than display advertising ever did. Read More