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Seven Signs It’s Time for Social Media to Sit at the Adults’ Table

The most powerful stories often have the least words. The World Wildlife Fund executed a compelling campaign to bring endangered species into the public spotlight — by leveraging a social media app that’s got us all in a love-hate relationship with the selfie. Read More

Why Facebook Couldn’t Brand the Internet in India

This past winter, I went home to Mumbai for the holidays. While I was there, I was struck by the massive billboards for Facebook’s Free Basics everywhere. Read More

A Brief History of How We Communicate on the Internet

The Internet has profoundly changed how we communicate. But what often goes overlooked is how profoundly communication has changed the Internet, and so directed the flow of venture capital that has funded its biggest milestones. Read More

Facebook, Snapchat, and the End of the Social Networking Era

For the first time in its history, Facebook Inc. now has more active accounts on messaging app properties than it does on its social network. Read More

The Year Social Media Moves Beyond Social

[This essay originally appeared in Forbes.] Social is entering a new era in the history of its communications potential. Read More

Social Accounting: Benchmarking the Top 1,000 Financial Services Brands on Facebook

At Percolate, we think a lot about how data is transforming marketing. From driving insights into consumer behavior to benchmarking campaigns, marketers are under increasing pressure to educate themselves on how to make use of the enormous amounts of data available to them. Read More

Seeing is Believing: How Visual Content Has Taken Over

Whether or not we like to admit it, we all make judgements based on appearances. Read More

Video Matters: Introducing New Functionality to the Percolate Media Library

Marketers today are using video more and more in their campaigns. Why? Because its exceptionally effective: visual data is processed much faster by the brain than text. Read More

Stop Guessing — These Are the Apps Teens Really Use in 2014

Teens are the next generation of independent decision makers and, as fast adopters of technology, their networks set the model for the future of social networking and lead the pack for the up and coming popular devices and platforms. Read More

Facebook’s f8: What Marketers Need To Know

This week Facebook hosted f8, its now annual developer conference, and announced a number of major updates, news, and new features to the Facebook platform. Read More

7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Underestimate Twitter

Running a public company is no easy gig, especially when you’re a social platform. Read More

Why Platforms Are Moving in on Mobile Ad Networks

Facebook recently announced plans to roll out a mobile ad network. While we’ll have to wait till the F8 conference later this month for full details, it’s likely to be a larger scale version of the small test they ran in late January when they started showing ads in third-party mobile apps with a select group of advertisers. Read More