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The Conference for Global-Minded Marketers Debuts in London

Marketing has long been a global discipline. But today, the pace of social and technological change gives every brand the benefits (and challenges) of global access and exposure. Read More

A Day of Classes That Will Transform Your Marketing

Here at Percolate, making marketers’ jobs (and lives) easier is, simply put, what we do. Read More

The Marketer’s Guide to Content Marketing World 2017

As marketers we know that content is one of the most important elements of our marketing strategy. Read More

The State of Customer Success – Learnings from Pulse 2017

This year I attended Pulse 2017 in San Francisco – a three day event run by Gainsight. Read More

5 Memorable Moments from Transition SF

On June 8, about 200 marketers gathered in San Francisco to discuss digital transformation and where our industry is headed. Read More

Announcing Transition SF: Planning Makes it Possible

“I shall never forget that morning…it made my heart thump, for I was certain it was gold.” When James Wilson Marshall found flakes of gold in the American River in 1848, he didn’t quite know that the thrill he felt then was the beginning of much more: his discovery would trigger the beginning of a new chapter in American history, one that would eventually shape California into the global hub for commerce and technology it is today. Read More

Transition Talk: Gawker’s Nick Denton on Power in the Media

Welcome to Transition Talks, a new series of highlights and excerpts from Transition 2016. Read More

5 Memorable Moments From Day 2 of Transition

DJ Herbert Holler, along with a few cups of coffee, made for an energetic start to Day Two at Transition. Read More

6 Things We Want You To Remember from Day One of Transition

Early Tuesday morning, more than a thousand marketers from around the world arrived at Lincoln Center for a day of keynotes and workshops on everything from building brand and creating content to launching satellites, genetic engineering, and the future of the media. Read More

How to Make the Most of Transition

Transition has 37 speakers, 11 workshops, and 1,320 minutes of action over two days. Read More

Presenting: The Brand-New Transition Content Hub

The can’t-miss marketing event of the year is quickly approaching. As marketers, we sense that we’re in a period of pervasive change — we’re caught in the center of intersecting shifts taking place in technology, the economy, media, and marketing itself. Read More

Transition 2016: Building Brand for the Long and Short-Term

Noah once shared with me this great quote from Michael Bierut about design: “The great thing about graphic design is that it is almost always about something else. Read More