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Marketing Operations 101: Why Your Brand Needs an Efficient Supply Chain

Today, marketers are pushing media to more targets, across more markets, and through more channels than ever before. Read More

Introducing the 2015 State of Marketing Workflows and Measurement Study

The global rise of smartphones, the explosion in new marketing channels, and the Internet of Things – these dynamic shifts will increase the challenges marketers face around campaign measurement and collaboration by an order of magnitude. Read More

Solving the Impossible: Systematizing Brand Management – Part 2

Looking at Brand Management as a system isn’t a simple idea, so we’ve broken it up. Read More

Facing the Impossible: Systematizing Brand Management – Part 1

Late last week James wrote a post called Moving from Installation to Deployment, where he laid out a framework for thinking how technology moves throughout history and where our modern age fits into the puzzle. Read More

Moving from Installation to Deployment

Our ability to create and use technology is what makes us innately human. Read More

Introducing the 2014 Marketing Executive Insights Study

The global rise of smartphones, the explosion in digital media channels, and the critical nature of technology infrastructure means that marketing has changed more in the last five years than in the last quarter century. Read More

The Business Case for Centralized Marketing Technology

Today, 50% of enterprise technology investment outside of IT is estimated to come from marketing. Read More

GE + Percolate: Creating Innovative Marketing Systems

A case study on how we helped one of the world's largest and most innovative companies systematize their global marketing efforts. Read More

Unilever and Percolate: Accelerating a Global Marketing Organization

At Percolate, we believe what distinguishes a great marketer is not the ability to build individual successes, but to succeed regularly and predictably. Read More

Why the Definition of Marketing Automation Is Bigger Than Ever

As the marketing automation software industry closes in on the billion dollar annual revenue mark, more CMOs are turning to this segment to nurture prospects through their customer conversion funnels with useful marketing content. Read More

Real-Time 101: Altimeter’s Report on Real-Time Marketing

At Percolate, we talk a lot about how social media has been the catalyst for change in the scale, pace, and pattern of human interaction. Read More

The Friday Five: Does your brand live at the intersection of Stock & Flow?

Welcome to The Friday Five, curated reads about media, advertising, content marketing and technology from @Percolate. Read More