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Is Marketing Resource Management (MRM) Still Relevant?

In marketing and advertising, the core problems we face are fundamentally about people and complexity: how do we communicate with a person in a way that inspires and moves them to action? Read More

How Land O’Lakes is Investing in the Marketing Tech Stack of the Future

Few brands can claim to be as iconic and beloved as Land O’Lakes – and even fewer can claim to have held this position nearly 100 years. Read More

Use Gartner’s “Marketing Resource Management 2.0” to Complete Your Marketing Stack

Outlining the requirements of a marketing stack is the most foundational challenge for IT leadership and marketing technologists. Read More

Here’s What Your Digital Transformation Strategy is Missing

If you work at a global organization, you’re probably tired of hearing the phrase “digital transformation.” We all want to go digital – but for many companies, there’s a missing link between choosing the right technology and capturing the long-term benefits of digitization. Read More

Modern Marketing Readiness and the Need for Transparency

Global businesses have been feeling the crunch of a world economy that simply isn’t growing as fast as it used to. Read More

The True Challenge of Modern Marketing in One Chart

No matter what marketing function you perform — content marketing, social media marketing, digital marketing more broadly, traditional advertising — and no matter how large your organization, the chart below sums up a core truth of modern marketing. Read More

Airbnb Data Scientists May Have Saved Marketing

It used to be that data was useful to only a few people in marketing: the decision-makers. Read More

How to Implement a Zero-Based Marketing Budget Without Going Insane

When we last dived into budgets, we listed two common rules of thumb for determining your total marketing department budget: shooting for about 10% of your firm’s revenue, and adjusting last year’s budget by revenue growth. Read More

Three Analytics Traps (and How to Avoid Them)

There we were in a large, windowless conference room in Santa Clara, temporarily shielded from the ideal weather conditions outside. Read More

IT Procurement: Who’s Really Holding the Purse Strings?

What would the marketing technology stack look like if it was designed from the ground up by marketers? Read More

Five Ways to Realign Your Marketing Around the New Buyer Journey

Last month, I shared data and observations on the significance and opportunities for marketers and the types of new multi-channel buyer behavior. Read More

Marketing as Architect of the New Buyer Journey

I joined Percolate to help brands use customer insights and technology to create new, personalized experiences for their audiences. Read More