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Before You Buy More Ad Tech, Read This

Over the last two decades, the marketing and advertising technology industries have been promising marketers a whole new world of ROI. Read More

Marketers on the Frontlines: How Wharton is Building a Global Education Brand

In this blog series, we profile the recipients of the first-ever Percolate Customer Awards, given at Transition 2016 to individuals who are innovators in their field. Read More

Facebook, Snapchat, and the End of the Social Networking Era

For the first time in its history, Facebook Inc. now has more active accounts on messaging app properties than it does on its social network. Read More

What We Found When We Analyzed the Top 1,000 Posts On LinkedIn

Distributing compelling long-form content on LinkedIn can be a powerful way to build your company’s brand, showcase products, demonstrate thought leadership, and boost your own career. Read More

Four Essential Tactics for Digital Video Advertising

Today, half of people watching TV are also on laptops, tablets, or smartphones at the same time. Read More

Inside a Real-Time Marketing Campaign

Doing real-time marketing well at a live event is hard. Take the Oscars. Read More

Real-Time Marketing – Is it Over?

We’re two years removed from Oreo’s “Dunk in the Dark” Super Bowl tweet, a watershed  moment for marketing when the concept real-time marketing (RTM) burst onto the scene as the “in” thing for brands to do. Read More

What Global Marketers Can Expect from Brazil in 2015

This is my favorite time of year in Rio de Janeiro. When I worked there we used to joke that the year doesn’t actually start until after Carnaval — the Brazilian version of Mardi Gras, usually in late February. Read More

Is Always-On Marketing Already Over?

In the advertising world, many would point to the night of February 3rd, 2013 as the moment real-time marketing crossed over from marketing tactic to marketing buzzword. Read More

The Rise and Risk of Person-Level Marketing

When Brian Swichkow, a digital marketer in Burlington, Vermont, was pranked by his roommate, he came up with a creative idea to get even. Read More

Before Embarking on a Blog Redesign, Ask These Four Questions

Today, we’re excited to introduce a major refresh to the Percolate blog. If you’re a frequent reader, you may have noticed some changes to the layout and format. Read More

The New Reality for CMOs: Marketing is a Massive but Fragmented Landscape

This article first appeared on iMedia Connection. At this year’s Google I/O, SVP Sundar Pichai got on stage to announce that Android had over one billion monthly active users and that they’re shipping 315 million new smartphones each quarter. Read More