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Gaining Simplicity, Embracing Complexity

Everyday we face a vast array of complexity, both professionally and personally. We have grown accustomed to it, constantly being bombarded with information. Read More

Percolate DesignTalk Presents: Building from Scratch

In 2014, Percolate Design set-up the event series DesignTalk. A casual evening of presentations and drinks that delivers actionable insights for all. Read More

What Product Designers Need

Since graduating college in 2009, I’ve worked at 5 startups. I’ve learned a lot about building product design teams. Read More

Making Design Bets to Knock the Blurs into Shape

This article was originally published on the First Round Review. I have a confession. Read More

How to Captivate Your Audiences with Motion

There is a part of the visual cortex called MT that governs motion perception, making the human brain uniquely responsive to movement. Read More

Turning Design Into Code: Tips for Designers from an Engineer

A few months ago Jason Shen touched on the idea of a full-stack creative team in the Percolate marketing department. Read More

Making Room for Creativity in Your Marketing

Today’s marketing teams are expected to be digitally savvy, analytically minded, process oriented, and creatively inclined. Read More

In Conversation with the Speakers of DesignTalk: Spaces to Play

On Tuesday March 24th, we’re hosting our third Percolate Design event – DesignTalk: Spaces to Play at the Bowery Electric. Read More

Building a Brand System

We just held our Second Client Summit. We filled the Times Center here in New York City with more than 300 senior marketers from some of the world’s best brands that we are proud to have as clients. Read More

Percolate DesignTalk Presents: Spaces to Play

In April 2014, we hosted our first DesignTalk event. Speakers from Squarespace, Artsy, Pattern Pulp, Of a Kind, Percolate and Ghostly International shared stories about their Partners in Crime; the people, tools, and practices that have helped them turn their visions to reality. Read More

Public Speaking: Developing Stage Presence

I was recently asked what it’s like to be a Product Designer at Percolate. Read More

Free, High Quality, and Beautiful: 80 Sources for Marketing Images

Here at Percolate we really believe in the power of visuals to make brand communications more effective. Read More