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How We Design Events: from Concept to Experience

This year was our fourth annual Transition conference – Percolate’s largest event focused on how technology is shaping our future. Read More

Figuring Out Enterprise Software Design

The words “enterprise” and “software” were not something I had put together before joining Percolate. Read More

Creativity Meets Productivity: Why Systems Are Your Friend

Organization is not typically associated with creativity – some of the most innovative minds in history were notoriously disorganized. Read More

How We Make Product Films In-House

Films are a great way to communicate. They have more personality than static images, high energy if you do them right, and the ability to make your audience feel something. Read More

How Designers Learn Business

Designer Joshua Taylor recently wrote this piece on ‘Why designers shouldn’t code. They should study business.’ It gets at what I believe is the biggest responsibility of designers today — understanding the business of our customers to increase the impact design has.   Read More

Why the Best Work Still Needs a Story

Early in my career, I worked for a software company in product design. Read More

Building a Bicoastal Design Team: Lessons Learned in 2015

It’s the beginning of 2016. Like many people, I’m thinking about lessons learned in 2015 and setting goals for 2016. Read More

In Conversation with the Speakers of DesignTalk: Research or Bust

DesignTalk is back in New York City this Wednesday at The Bowery Electric. Read More

Percolate DesignTalk Presents: Research or Bust

One of our favorite event series at Percolate is DesignTalk. We’re proud of how, in just two years, this event has spread to two coasts (watch out Austin, Miami, and London) and has brought together amazing designers in all different phases of their careers. Read More

25 Productivity Tips from Percolate’s Designers

Early last month, Fast Company Design published Productivity Tips From the World’s Top Designers. Read More

DesignTalk Videos – Building from Scratch

A couple of weeks back we held our first DesignTalk event in San Francisco.  Read More

In Conversation with the Speakers of DesignTalk: Building from Scratch

On Wednesday July 8th, Percolate DesignTalk presents Building from Scratch, its fourth event for the design community at the Barrel House in San Francisco. Read More