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25 Productivity Tips from Percolate’s Designers

Early last month, Fast Company Design published Productivity Tips From the World’s Top Designers. Read More

Gaining Simplicity, Embracing Complexity

Everyday we face a vast array of complexity, both professionally and personally. We have grown accustomed to it, constantly being bombarded with information. Read More

What Product Designers Need

Since graduating college in 2009, I’ve worked at 5 startups. I’ve learned a lot about building product design teams. Read More

5 Things I Learned from Branding the Transition Conference

In early May, James and Noah told me we were going to hold a conference in July about how technology is changing marketing, the enterprise, and the world. Read More

Tell Better Stories by Keeping a Diary

We all know that storytelling is a powerful tool to connect with an audience – but how are great stories created? Read More

Thoughts on Building a Design Driven Company

A few weeks ago, I went along to the Bloomberg BusinessWeek Design Conference.  Read More

Introducing the new Percolate brand system

It all started with an orange drip. It’s been almost three years since Percolate was brought into the world with a logo that loosely played on the notion of percolating coffee. Read More

The Four Levels of Designers

Yesterday, 99u posted an op-ed piece I wrote called An Entrepreneur’s Take on Building a Great Design Team. Read More

Data visualization: moving beyond pretty pictures

Many data visualizations are very pretty, but don’t present the viewer with all that much information (or at least not any new information).   Read More

Design + Startup

“Rabbit…Celery…Sendgrid…Redis…and workers, lots of workers, two boxes, another box.” These are just some of the words that marked my tech baptisim. Read More

9 Thoughts on Building Great Products

Last Friday I went along to ‘How to Build Great Products’. I attended the previous event in April, so I was prepared for delicious sandwiches and a day of great stories around making digital things of all shapes and sizes. Read More