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What’s Your Thesis?

At Percolate, we start the week off with a Monday morning business meeting where our team gets together and reviews priorities for the week. Read More

An Inside Look at Percolate’s Marketing Team

In July, we held Transition, our inaugural industry conference on how technology is transforming marketing, the enterprise, and the world. Read More

How Clubs Foster a Stronger Culture at Percolate

Each year, Crain’s publishes a list of the “Best Places to Work” in New York City. Read More

Client Solutions: The Team That Bridges Business and Product

As a technology startup, we aim to build great products for marketers and we’re proud of the design and engineering teams that release those products. Read More

The 6 Meeting Rules of Percolate

On Sunday morning I ran across this New Yorker article about banning computers in college classes and posted it with a note about how we don’t allow computers in meetings at Percolate. Read More

Friday Wins: Where Business and Product Come Together

At Percolate, we really try to avoid having too many meetings. We actually give new hires a set of guidelines, and the first is: “Do we actually need to have a meeting?” Staff time is a precious thing. Read More

How We Designed Percolate’s Quarterly Report

Last week we released the first Percolate Quarterly Report. With this post I‘m going to share the thinking and design process behind our new report format. Read More

Onboarding at Percolate

A great way to see how much a company values culture is through the way it onboards new employees. Read More

Percolate Style iOS 7 Wallpapers

When I installed iOS 7 on the day it came out the first thing I did was start to poke around and try all the new features. Read More

Inaugural Jerky Jam

Last Friday (the 13th!) Percolate had our Inaugural Jerky Jam with three of our own jerky masters offering up their finest creations for a blind tasting contest. Read More

Our engineering culture

On Friday I was talking to Kevin, another member of the team here, about our ongoing search for a VP of engineering. Read More

So, you want to ride a bicycle in NYC?

In the spirit of NYC’s bike to work week, here’s some guidance around buying your first bike. Read More