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Marketers on the Frontlines: How Wharton is Building a Global Education Brand

In this blog series, we profile the recipients of the first-ever Percolate Customer Awards, given at Transition 2016 to individuals who are innovators in their field. Read More

How Percolate Edits Blog Posts

Blog posts are bread and butter for B2B content marketers. Almost half of marketers at business vendor organizations consider blog posts the most important type of content for their companies, according to a survey cited by eMarketer. Read More

Percolate + LinkedIn: Helping Brands Create Better Content with Technology

LinkedIn holds a special spot in the social media universe; it’s a destination where members go to invest time, rather than a place people go to spend time.   Read More

Why Twitter Wants Brands to Plan Content

UPDATE: The Client Solutions team at Percolate put together a handy list of 60 US holidays and when they happen in 2014.  Read More

5 Strategies for Solving the Brand Consistency Problem

At Percolate, we’ve developed a framework called the content building blocks – key objectives and elements that should be addressed in every piece of marketing content. Read More

How a Mobile App for Honesty Can Make You a Better Marketer

Over the summer of 2013, David Byttow, a former Google software developer, started building a mobile app to solve a problem he had. Read More

New Whitepaper: The Content Marketing Revolution

Prior to 2010, digital marketing was defined by search, banners, and microsites, with a small percentage allocated among a long tail of other tactics. Read More

Capturing Your Brand’s Best Moments: Photographer on Android

Our latest milestone on the road to enabling better content across every device is the exciting launch of Percolate Photographer for Android. Read More

The Future of Google Lies in G+Droid

Google is an amazing company. Beyond all the obvious stuff (world’s best search engine, self-driving cars, crazy computer glasses), Android has been the thing that’s been capturing my mind the most lately. Read More

Advertising is Not a Tax for Being Unremarkable

I’m sure you’ve all seen this quote. It’s attributed to Robert Stephens, founder of Geek Squad, and goes something like: “Advertising is the tax you pay for being unremarkable.” (I was reminded of it most recently reading Josh Porter’s blog, Bokardo.) It sounds good and, at first blush, correct, but it’s not for lots of reasons. Read More

Being Interesting

I like Jessica Hagy’s (of Indexed fame) 10 tips for being interesting on the Forbes site. Read More