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How Land O’Lakes is Investing in the Marketing Tech Stack of the Future

Few brands can claim to be as iconic and beloved as Land O’Lakes – and even fewer can claim to have held this position nearly 100 years. Read More

How to Plan a Global Rebrand (And Stay Iconic)

There’s a reason Budweiser can change its cans to just read “America,” and Snickers can replace its name on candy wrappers with words like “confused” and “benched” without sacrificing brand equity. Read More

How The Rockettes Run a Yearlong Content Machine

The need for content never stops. That can be an especially big challenge when your business is more high-profile during certain times of year. Read More

How Our Startup Launched a New Office and Scaled Culture

Today is Percolate’s 1,889th day. Not only has our product, staff, and client list grown, but our physical presence has, too.  Read More

How Better Marketing Analytics Extend Brand Reach

Marketers at premium athletic retailer Hibbett Sports faced a problem that all modern marketing teams are familiar with: they wanted to expand brand reach and engagement with fans on social channels, but they didn’t know how exactly to do it. Read More

How to Scale Marketing Productivity on a Two-Person Team

If your department has a small social media team, it likely needs to save as much time as it possibly can. Read More

How MasterCard Went from Broadcaster to Global Brand Publisher

A little over three years ago, MasterCard’s Corporate & Digital Communications Group launched a new effort to track and monitor digital conversations about their brand across 55 markets and 26 languages. Read More

GE + Percolate: Creating Innovative Marketing Systems

A case study on how we helped one of the world's largest and most innovative companies systematize their global marketing efforts. Read More

How Shinola is Making Real-Time, UGC Marketing a Reality

For marketers working to deliver consistent, relevant brand experiences to their audiences at scale, user-generated content can be an efficient way to source authentic and timely media directly from fans. Read More

Customer Summit Case Study: Braun

A version of this presentation was given by Dan Gentry, Assistant Brand Manager for Braun North America, during Percolate’s Customer Summit earlier in the month.  Read More

Customer Summit Case Study: Denny’s

Denny’s had a plan – establish itself as America’s Diner and use that positioning to reestablish relevance for the brand and drive growth at the register. Read More