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The Marketer’s Essential Reading List For 2017

In today’s increasingly complex and globalized world, it’s more important than ever for marketers to lead with an eye to the future, inspire intellectual curiosity amongst their team members, and learn from how the world’s best minds are thinking about humanity’s most pressing problems. Read More

What’s Your Type?

Relationships drive progress. Relationships also provide us with a meaningful life. Relationships predict our happiness in retirement, have the ability to impact global change, and increase productivity in the workplace. Read More

Selling with Empathy

At Percolate, we are moving quickly. It’s coded into our values and reflected in the way we operate day-to-day as a company. Read More

What’s the ROI of Mentorship?

History tells us great mentors are crucial to an individual’s success, no matter the profession — Socrates mentored Plato, Gandhi mentored Mandela, Audrey Hepburn mentored Elizabeth Taylor, Robert Friedland mentored Steve Jobs. Read More

Where Computer Science Meets Philosophy

This summer, I started my first engineering internship at Percolate, tasked with building the mobile automation framework for our iOS and Android apps. Read More

Lessons from the CEO on Planning, Building, and Managing Product

Percolate co-founder Noah Brier spoke to my “Managing Technological Innovation” class about the company—I applied for an internship position immediately after. Read More

Introducing Percolate’s First Summer Intern Class

This is the first year that the Percolate Product Team has welcomed interns for the summer. Read More

Public Speaking: Developing Stage Presence

I was recently asked what it’s like to be a Product Designer at Percolate. Read More

What’s Your Thesis?

At Percolate, we start the week off with a Monday morning business meeting where our team gets together and reviews priorities for the week. Read More

22 Simple Productivity Tools To Help You Do Everything Faster

Being a marketer — or entrepreneur, designer, engineer or salesperson, for that matter — is a tough job. Read More