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3 Brands That Are Getting User-Generated Content Right

As someone with a genuine interest for all things marketing and who works directly with Percolate clients, I’m lucky enough to get a peek behind the scenes into the marketing machines at some of the world’s biggest brands. Read More

Five Things the Best Marketing Campaigns Have in Common

Timberland knows the typical twenty- or thirtysomething American probably has a pair of its boots. Read More

Defining the Modern Brand-Agency Relationship

In my previous article, I delved into the relationships between technological innovation and the rise of advertising agencies since the start of the 20th century. Read More

How Tech Revolutions Transformed the Brand-Agency Relationship

In 1864, William James Carlton began selling advertising space in religious magazines under the company name Carlton & Smith. Read More

The New Mandate for Content Marketing

The advent of content marketing has marked a paradigm shift for how brands do business. Read More

Alphabet Clears the Path for Better Brand Management at Google

Google’s recent announcement—that it will no longer be “Google” but Alphabet, a holding company which will include the core Google business as a subsidiary—testifies to the importance of giving a brand room to breathe and grow. Read More

11 Charts that Predict the Future of Marketing

Marketers will be challenged to push the envelope in 2015. Brands are rethinking their agency relationships in favor of more cost-efficient advertising tools and technology. Read More

How 5 Marketing Strategists Stay Focused as Their Jobs Transform

The marketing community is experiencing a big shift. Now more than ever before, we rely on data to guide our spend allocation, messaging, and creative strategies. Read More

Did Harvard Miscalculate the Value of Customer Relationships?

[Spoiler alert: The short answer is no, Harvard didn’t, but a contributor to Harvard Business Review likely did. Read More

If You Haven’t Read the Leaked NYTimes Innovation Report, You Should

Last month, an internal report written by a strategy team at the New York Times was leaked to the public. Read More

Why Is YouTube Running Print Ads in NYC?

I looked up one night while taking the subway home and noticed some ads for YouTube. Read More

An Open Letter to Art Directors

This post is an open letter to Art Directors working at advertising agencies. Read More