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The Secret to Brand Growth? Mental and Physical Availability

Welcome to the final blog post in our five-part series. We set out as marketing mythbusters, taking a scientific approach to marketing in doing so. Read More

Three Brand Management Strategies That Should Have Failed

There’s a science to effective brand marketing. Ever since 1931, when Procter & Gamble started the discipline of brand management, the field has tried to pin down fundamentals like what it means to have a brand, and experts have emerged to conduct considerable research on the subject. Read More

How 5 Marketing Strategists Stay Focused as Their Jobs Transform

The marketing community is experiencing a big shift. Now more than ever before, we rely on data to guide our spend allocation, messaging, and creative strategies. Read More

Three Ways Brands Can “Think Different”

“It’s a very noisy world and we’re not going to get a chance to get people to remember about us much–no company is. Read More

Did Harvard Miscalculate the Value of Customer Relationships?

[Spoiler alert: The short answer is no, Harvard didn’t, but a contributor to Harvard Business Review likely did. Read More

Building a Brand System

We just held our Second Client Summit. We filled the Times Center here in New York City with more than 300 senior marketers from some of the world’s best brands that we are proud to have as clients. Read More

Nine Things Every Great Brand Does

Welcome to 2015. Before the holidays, our marketing team took some time to reflect on the year ahead, and we joked that we are “marketers marketing marketing to marketers,” but we take that quite seriously. Read More

Flawless Branding: Lessons for Marketers from Beyoncé

When you look at the list of the world’s most powerful brands – Apple, Nike, Coca Cola, Disney – they’ve all had several decades to tell their brand stories. Read More

Guy Kawasaki on Design, Branding, and Future of Marketing

When it comes to marketing and technology, few people have seen and done more than Guy Kawasaki. Read More

How Great Brands Scale Through Documentation

As your company grows, ensuring that your brand retains its original meaning gets harder. Read More

How Shinola is Making Real-Time, UGC Marketing a Reality

For marketers working to deliver consistent, relevant brand experiences to their audiences at scale, user-generated content can be an efficient way to source authentic and timely media directly from fans. Read More

Brand You: The Rise of the User Marketer

Will 2014 see the rise of user as marketer? Will the average unverified Joe or Jane start putting paid promotion behind their content? Read More