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The Power of the Ordinary in Brand-Building

There’s a reason why some brands seem so lovable, inspiring, and timeless. It has nothing to do with these companies’ logos, color schemes, or marketing budgets and everything to do with a brand’s appreciation of the ordinary. Read More

5 New Challenges for Tomorrow’s Global Marketing Leaders

[This essay originally appeared on Forbes.] In a global world, brands need to speak a lot of different customers’ languages. Read More

Massively Mobile: Why Brands Should Be Paying Attention to India

Last week we published the Global Marketer’s Guide to Brazil, this week India has the spotlight. Read More

What Global Marketers Can Expect from Brazil in 2015

This is my favorite time of year in Rio de Janeiro. When I worked there we used to joke that the year doesn’t actually start until after Carnaval — the Brazilian version of Mardi Gras, usually in late February. Read More

Nine Things Every Great Brand Does

Welcome to 2015. Before the holidays, our marketing team took some time to reflect on the year ahead, and we joked that we are “marketers marketing marketing to marketers,” but we take that quite seriously. Read More

How the Human Brain Experiences Your Brand

The best brands are built to last a lifetime. GE’s existed for over 118 years, IBM recently celebrated it’s 103rd birthday and even innovative Apple is steadily approaching 40. Read More

Spotify’s New Ads Reveal Why Social Matters to Millenials

Spotify has recently rolled out a series of ads called #NowFeeling that shows how music (and thus Spotify) plays an integral part of our lives. Read More

Brand You: The Rise of the User Marketer

Will 2014 see the rise of user as marketer? Will the average unverified Joe or Jane start putting paid promotion behind their content? Read More