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What Everett Rogers and Malcolm Gladwell Can Teach You About Marketing

We live in amazing times. In 15 years the Internet has reached a level of penetration in U.S. Read More

Who Owns Your Brand’s Voice?

Gone are the days when companies contemplated the benefits of engaging in real time, two-way conversations on social media. Read More

How Great Brands Scale Through Documentation

As your company grows, ensuring that your brand retains its original meaning gets harder. Read More

As Technology Reshapes the World, Brand is More Important Than Ever

At the core of your marketing is your brand. Everyone has a different definition of what brand means. Read More

5 Strategies for Solving the Brand Consistency Problem

At Percolate, we’ve developed a framework called the content building blocks – key objectives and elements that should be addressed in every piece of marketing content. Read More

Brands must live at the intersection of Stock & Flow

At Percolate, when we’re introducing people to the concept of Stock & Flow, we use the following quote: “Change is a constant conversation in the marketing industry, but the last few years have brought two tectonic shifts: From campaign-based thinking to sustained messaging and from 21-week production schedules for television commercials to 21 minutes between tweets. Read More

Listening Redefined

Brands must consume to create. We have that phrase in big letters on one of the slides in our Percolate presentation and it occasionally raises eyebrows. Read More