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The Brand Management MegaPost

A brand is a complex concept. “Brand” doesn’t refer to just a logo, product line, or a series of advertisements. Read More

Five Questions Everyone Creating a Marketing Budget Needs to Answer

The last few months of the year mean a lot for marketers—the final charge towards revenue targets, the chance to plan around the seasonal flurry of economic activity that holidays bring, and, of course, budgets. Read More

Be Distinctive, Not Different

A few weeks ago, we set out to bust a number of marketing myths. Read More

How an In-House Content Team Can Grow Brand and Business

It’s almost too easy to categorize the two magazine covers below as belonging among the ranks of Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar, and GQ. Read More

What It Takes for Your Brand to Go Global

There were just a handful of global brands 40 years ago, writer and editor Elizabeth Wasserman pointed out in a recent article for Inc. Read More

What’s Your Multi-cultural Brand Strategy as U.S. Demographics Shift?

According to the Census Bureau, the United States is fast approaching a demographic tipping point in which today’s cultural majority will soon become the minority. Read More

Keeping Your Brand Reputation Safe Through a Crisis

Every brand should prepare for a moment when something goes wrong—with the current speed of information, bad news can spread very quickly. Read More

Rules for Unleashing Creativity within Your Organization

Marketing is a creativity-meets-systems discipline with many moving parts. Unlike journalism, every blog post, infographic, guide, and social media strategy has an underlying sales and revenue objective. Read More

How 5 Marketing Strategists Stay Focused as Their Jobs Transform

The marketing community is experiencing a big shift. Now more than ever before, we rely on data to guide our spend allocation, messaging, and creative strategies. Read More

The Art of the Creative Brief

My father is a military man. His father was a military man. Growing up, picking up our rooms was referred to as having a “G.I. Read More

Three Ways Brands Can “Think Different”

“It’s a very noisy world and we’re not going to get a chance to get people to remember about us much–no company is. Read More

Making Room for Creativity in Your Marketing

Today’s marketing teams are expected to be digitally savvy, analytically minded, process oriented, and creatively inclined. Read More