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Video: How MasterCard Grew Its Thriving Content Ecosystem

For MasterCard, content marketing has become synonymous with managing a vast ecosystem of original, branded content. Read More

Video: Scaling Brand Globally at Unilever

When you’re the world’s second largest advertiser, it can be challenging to monitor and manage your brand  locally while maintaining global oversight and consistency. Read More

The Future of Healthcare Branding Is Consumer-Centric

The healthcare landscape is experiencing massive change all over the world. Read More

How to Be a Brand Champion: Lessons from Elon Musk and Other Leaders

Brands and their creators sometimes inhabit the same identity—for some, it’s easier to champion a brand without making themselves the brand, but for others, it’s harder to disassociate the “brand personality” from their own. Read More

Twitter’s Product Shift from Customer Service to Helping Brands Grow

In a subtle but important product release, Twitter has removed the 140 character text limit from Direct Messages (DMs). Read More

Alphabet Clears the Path for Better Brand Management at Google

Google’s recent announcement—that it will no longer be “Google” but Alphabet, a holding company which will include the core Google business as a subsidiary—testifies to the importance of giving a brand room to breathe and grow. Read More

How Technology Is Changing the Luxury Fashion Industry

At Burberry’s London store, a digital “thunderstorm” rages, reminding shoppers that they might need a Burberry trench coat. Read More

Breaking News and Better Storytelling: Journalism 101 for Brands

Brands have more in common with traditional newsrooms than ever before. Digital tools are making it easier for them to reach and engage with audiences organically and focus on good storytelling. Read More

Three Brand Management Strategies That Should Have Failed

There’s a science to effective brand marketing. Ever since 1931, when Procter & Gamble started the discipline of brand management, the field has tried to pin down fundamentals like what it means to have a brand, and experts have emerged to conduct considerable research on the subject. Read More

How Successful Advertising Focuses on Memorable Experiences (And Not Products)

Analyzing the success of other company’s advertising campaigns can be a strong tactic for informing your marketing strategies moving forward. Read More

What It Takes for Your Brand to Go Global

There were just a handful of global brands 40 years ago, writer and editor Elizabeth Wasserman pointed out in a recent article for Inc. Read More

Skillshare + Percolate: A Class in Developing and Managing Brand

What happens to an idea or a product without having a brand to push it, to champion it, to make it something for people to care about? Read More