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A Brief History of How We Communicate on the Internet

The Internet has profoundly changed how we communicate. But what often goes overlooked is how profoundly communication has changed the Internet, and so directed the flow of venture capital that has funded its biggest milestones. Read More

Advertising for the Long Term

We’re in the home stretch of our five-part series, exploring a variety of common marketing myths. Read More

11 Charts that Predict the Future of Marketing

Marketers will be challenged to push the envelope in 2015. Brands are rethinking their agency relationships in favor of more cost-efficient advertising tools and technology. Read More

How Successful Advertising Focuses on Memorable Experiences (And Not Products)

Analyzing the success of other company’s advertising campaigns can be a strong tactic for informing your marketing strategies moving forward. Read More

What We Found When We Analyzed the Top 1,000 Posts On LinkedIn

Distributing compelling long-form content on LinkedIn can be a powerful way to build your company’s brand, showcase products, demonstrate thought leadership, and boost your own career. Read More

Four Essential Tactics for Digital Video Advertising

Today, half of people watching TV are also on laptops, tablets, or smartphones at the same time. Read More

The Science Behind Great Creative

With the pace of media today, a successful marketing strategy requires an analytical approach driven by market research, audience data and performance metrics. Read More

Real-Time Marketing – Is it Over?

We’re two years removed from Oreo’s “Dunk in the Dark” Super Bowl tweet, a watershed  moment for marketing when the concept real-time marketing (RTM) burst onto the scene as the “in” thing for brands to do. Read More

Is Always-On Marketing Already Over?

In the advertising world, many would point to the night of February 3rd, 2013 as the moment real-time marketing crossed over from marketing tactic to marketing buzzword. Read More

How B2B Brands Are Taking Content Marketing to New Heights

What does an alternative rock band, a sushi party, and a boy who communicates with solar panels all have in common? Read More

11 Charts That Reveal How E-Commerce is Shifting in 2014

Retailers have always understood the power of brand and the importance of distribution. Read More

Defining the Modern CMO

What are the characteristics that define the modern CMO? At Percolate, we think a lot about how new technology and the growing access to the Internet is changing the role of the marketer. Read More